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Early Intervention

Our aim

The SASVI Statewide Support Service Early Intervention Service aims to ensure all children with a vision impairment throughout South Australia are given the best possible foundation to their education by providing support and educational expertise to the families of young children with vision impairments and early childhood education staff who work with the child.

    Criteria for Accessing SASVI Early Intervention

  • The child is 0-5 (not yet started school)
  • Evidence of a vision impairment which impacts or limits their access to educational development and the environment
  • Where visual acuities are able to be measured, the child will have a visual acuity of 6/18 or less in the better eye after correction and/or a restricted visual field of less than 20o from the point of fixation.

Services Provided

Our service is free (does not require an NDIS plan) and is provided by qualified teachers of the vision impaired. Our teachers travel to you, anywhere in South Australia. Our early intervention service targets the foundation skills of the components of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) for students with a vision impairment

Programs are tailored to the student’s individual needs and could include

  • Early braille and tactile discrimination and perception skills
  • Orientation and mobility skills
  • Language development
  • Concept development
  • Body image/spatial perception
  • Pre literacy and numeracy skills
  • Play skills
  • Social skills
  • Independent living skills – self-help and organisational skills
  • Introduction to adaptive technology
  • Our teachers can assist families to plan future pathways for their child, including transition into educational settings.

    SASVI Early Intervention Group

    3-5 year olds who are a part of our early intervention service are invited to attend our onsite early intervention group. Sessions will be run by our early intervention specialist from 9am-1pm each Monday during school terms, starting on the 4th of June, 2018

    Parents are required to stay and participate in all sessions

    Accessing Our Service

    For more information on accessing our service please call: 82775255

    Alternatively,a referral form can be found here

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